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Friends, I want to tell you a little about corgis and the benefits to society. Love for development, love for something new is what the psychologist of Alexandria, Marina Hoda, strives for, it was she who invited these two cute Corgis to the event of the intellectual development club – Phoenix.

Norochka and Sky communicated with children who need special education.

Thus, communicating with friendly, contact and loving dogs of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed, children forget about their whims, tantrums, anxiety and worries, learn to control themselves, overcome their fears.

Since Nora and Skye are well adapted in society, experienced, friendly to children, contact and completely non-aggressive, they were chosen by me, as the owner and head of the cattery, to work as Canistherapists at this event.

That was incredible! There is not a single child who would not stroke and take a picture with a corgi, and the dogs in response received a lot of unforgettable emotions, affection, treats and a little prof. pictures!

I was very pleased to take part in such an event and understand that dogs are not only exhibitions, training and puppies, it’s just a great pleasure to make someone’s life even a little better!

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