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Why Does My Corgi Sleep So Much? 11 Reasons and Prevention

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It is no secret that corgis can be a little rambunctious, however, many corgi owners find that their corgis sleep a lot. They may even appear to sleep more than most dogs do.

There are several reasons why corgis sleep so much. It is important for corgi owners to understand why their corgi sleeps so much and ways they can prevent excessive sleeping.

11 Reasons Why Your Corgi Sleeps So Much

It is just tired

Corgis have to sleep at some point during the day, so it is likely that your snoozing corgi is just tired.

Maybe they tried to stay up waiting on you to get home and finally fell sleep. Either way, the main reason corgis sleep so much is because they are sleepy.

If your corgi had a very active day, it may be sleeping so much because it is simply worn out from the day’s activities. Playing, working livestock, or even having a lot of social interaction can wear a corgi out and cause them to sleep more than usual.

It is depressed

corgi falling asleep

Corgis, like any other dog breed, can get depressed and that may explain why your corgi is sleeping so much. Being separated from its litter, its mom, animal friends, or loved humans can easily cause depression in corgis.

Signs of depression in a corgi include excessive sleeping, refusal to drink water, lack of appetite, and disinterest in anything at all.

Depression should be treated as soon as possible and may require a trip to the vet to prevent dehydration.  

It is dehydrated

Dehydration can cause a corgi to sleep a lot. Corgis can easily get dehydrated when they are playing, when it is hot outside, or when they are sick. Depression can also lead to dehydration very quickly.

Signs of dehydration in dogs include excessive tiredness, inability to stand, lethargy, panting, lack of appetite, pale gums, and dry eyes. Make sure your sleepy dog is drinking enough water to stay healthy and hydrated.

It may have worms


Parasitic infestations can cause corgis to become lethargic and extra sleepy. Intestinal worm infestations can lead to weight loss, malnutrition, and dehydration.

Watch out for noticeable pot-bellies, hair loss, diarrhea, coughing, and pale gums. If you suspect your sleepy corgi has worms, see a veterinarian for treatment options as soon as possible.

It could be anemic

Anemia in a corgi is the same thing as it is in human—decreased red blood cells. When a corgi has anemia, that means that it is not getting a healthy supply of oxygen which can lead to extreme lethargy and sleepiness.

Anemia can be caused by a number of diseases and ailments, but the symptoms can be bloody stool or vomit, skin bruising, and fatigue. A veterinarian can easily test your corgi for anemia and find the cause of it.

It is malnourished

upset pembroke corgi

Your corgi may be sleeping so much because it is suffering from malnutrition. This is often due to unseen health issues and not always due to owner neglect, so do not blame yourself.

Malnutrition can occur when a corgi’s digestive system is not working properly for some reason. Malnourished corgis may have unexplained weight loss, stinky breath, coat degradation, and excessive tiredness.

It is a side effect of medication and recovery

If your corgi is on pain medication or recovering from a recent injury or illness, sleeping a lot is a natural side effect. A corgi is able to heal quicker when they get plenty of sleep and may need extra sleep than normal when recovering.

As long as your corgi is getting better each day, then sleeping so much should not be a concern while they are healing. If you are concerned, contact your veterinarian for reassurance.

It is suffering from an infection

Corgis can often sleep a lot when their bodies are fighting off an infection. Even if you do not see an outside infection on their skin or in their ears, that does not rule out internal infections like urinary tract infections and more.

Excessive urination, inability to urinate, discomfort, panting, fever, and excessive sleepiness can be signs of an internal infection.

If you cannot find any infected wounds on their skin, but your corgi is displaying these symptoms and not getting better, you should take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

It has hypothyroidism

While it is not common, hypothyroidism can occur in corgis and sleeping a lot is a common symptom. Unexplained weight gain, dry skin, lethargy, resistance to playtime, and indifference are all signs of hypothyroidism.

Thyroid issues can be caused by several different ailments and needs to be treated as soon as possible. A veterinarian can run a simple blood test to diagnose or rule out hypothyroidism.

It is suffering from arthritis

corgi sitting on road

Eventually, almost all corgis will experience arthritis as they age, especially if they were working dogs. You may notice that they struggle to move quickly when they wake up and they tend to sleep more than usual.

The good news is that arthritis is treatable, but even treatment may not make them sleep any less as they age. A vet can check your corgi for arthritis if you suspect it and they can suggest treatment options to lessen symptoms.

It is has a different non-visible illness

If your corgi is sleeping a lot, but does not have any of the issues discussed here, it is possible that it is suffering from a different ailment. It may not be anything that you can narrow down just by observing your corgi’s behavior.

To be safe, you can always have a vet perform a physical on your corgi to rule out any issues or diseases that may not be visible.

It may hurt your wallet some, but it will ease your mind and it is important for you the health of your corgi.

corgi sleeping on its back

How Much Do Corgis Normally Sleep?

Average adult corgis normally sleep about 50 percent of the day or slightly more. This can be anywhere from 12 to 15 hours a day on average.

Puppies tend to sleep a lot more, up to 20 hours each day. Senior corgis also sleep noticeably more than corgis that are in the prime of their life.

Excessive sleeping would be corgis that are nearing 17 to 20 hours of sleep for no reason.

Sleeping a lot is understandable for puppies, senior dogs, corgis that have been extra active during the day, and for those suffering from an illness or injury. 

running corg

5 Ways To Prevent Your Corgi From Sleeping So Much

There are a few ways that you can encourage your corgi to sleep a little less, if their sleeping has become a little excessive. Just make sure none of these suggestions interfere with their necessary sleep.

  1. Invest in some interactive toys – Interactive toys can keep corgis occupied and awake for longer periods throughout the day.
  2. Make sure they are hydrated – Staying hydrated keeps dogs active and can help prevent oversleeping due to dehydration.
  3. Get them a buddy – Having an animal buddy can help corgis stay awake and prevents boredom as well as depression, which in turn can prevent oversleeping.
  4. Consider doggy day care – If an animal buddy is not an option, doggy day care can be a great social experience for your dog to curb depression. This is a great choice if you have to be away from them for long spans of time.
  5. Take them on more adventures – Taking your corgi on more adventures is great for bonding and preventing sleeping. If they are having fun with you, they are likely not sleeping too much.
corgi at the vet

When To Call a Veterinarian

Normally, sleeping a lot is not a big issue for corgis and only occurs occasionally.

If your corgi’s sleeping habits have suddenly changed or it is displaying other signs and symptoms along with excessive sleeping, then it may be time to call a veterinarian.

If your corgi always sleep so much, then there probably is not anything for you to worry about. Just keep an eye on them and do not be afraid to call your vet for advice if you suspect there is a reason for the sleepiness.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why your corgi is sleeping so much. It is important to remember that while sleeping more than normal is not out of the ordinary for corgis, there can be a medical reason for it.

If you suspect there is a reason for your corgi’s extra sleeping, then do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian for advice.


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